Chi N. Naples, FL - Jun 22, 2019

A kind and knowledgeable doctor. Totally recommended!!

Deven B. Naples, FL - May 8, 2018

Absolutely love Dr. Perez-Soto! She is very compassionate and caring for her patients. Would recommend her to any family, or friends.

Patricia Gould Naples, FL - Sep 8, 2017

I suffered a potentially serious condition while on vacation in Naples and with one phone call, Dr Perez-Soto arranged coordinated care at the local hospital and checked in on me after my discharge. Fortunate for me and due to her quick actions, I did not require her surgical skills!

Denise C. Naples, FL - Sep 22, 2015

One of the best surgeons I had the pleasure of working with, scrubbing for and assisting. I would let her do my surgery if I needed it.

Melissa C. Naples, FL - Sep 21, 2015

Dr. Perez-Soto is a wonderful surgeon. She is thoughtful, compassionate, and most importantly, SKILLED! She's a unique gem: superior talent with amazing bedside manner!

Tammy Siloski Naples, FL - Aug 12, 2015

Good Surgeon!!!! Dr. Perez-Soto has taken care of my 98 year old Mother for over a year. She
treated her with the utmost kindness and care. She will tell you what needs to be done and she
will be there for your recovery. You can feel her confidence when she explains the surgery. All business and then that comforting smile breaks through, making you instantly feel in good hands! The office staff is efficient and patient oriented. Maricett was
extremely wonderful to us even though it was almost an hour after closing time.
The Dr. reached out and held my Mom's hand and comforted her on her upcoming procedure. In today's hurry up world of medicine, these type of Dr.'s are hard to find. I know because I'm a nurse.
You will be quite please with this fantastic Dr.!
Thank you Dr. Perez-Soto!
Dorothy and Tammy

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