GULF VIEW GENERAL SURGERY - Updates in Mammogram Guidelines.   mammo Breast health is of paramount importance for Dr. Perez-Soto. Medical guidelines are evolving daily, and here at Gulf View General Surgery, we want to keep our patients informed of the best practices to keep them healthy. The American Society of Breast Surgeons, of which Dr. Perez-Soto is a member, has released new recommendations for breast cancer screening mammograms for patients at average risk of developing breast cancer. This are for patients without known risk factors for breast cancer, like family history, previous breast conditions or previous breast cancer. For patients between 40-44 years old- Discuss with your doctor the best time for a baseline, first mammogram, based on your personal and family history, as well as findings on physical exam. 45-54 years old - Screening mammogram every year. 55 years and older - Screening mammograms every one or two,shared decision by the patient and doctor, based on history and clinical exam. 75 years and older - Screening mammogram every two years, if the life expectancy is 10 years or more. Always examine your breasts and discuss any changes, like redness of the skin, changes in the shape, pain, discharge from the nipple or lumps with your doctor. An ultrasound, sonogram or MRI will not replace a mammogram. Always ask for a credentialed facility to do your test.