Hernia’s often occur when tissue is pushed through an opening in muscle or tissue that holds it in place. The most common places where hernia’s may occur include the abdomen, belly button, thigh and groin area. Most of the time, these protrusions in the skin do not go away on there own, so surgery is involved in order to avoid the risk of dangerous complications due to a herniated region in the body.

When it comes to hernia removal, robotic hernia repair is an option for a lot of patients who suffer from herniated protrusions. Robotic Hernia repair involves the use of the Da Vinci robotics system which translates movements from the doctor in real-time in order to bend and rotate the instruments for a precise repair of your hernia. Many patients who have gone under the robotic hernia repair surgery have reported to feel less pain and much quicker recovery time than what would be expected through traditional surgical practices.

Good candidates for robotic hernia repair include individuals who have central defects, usually 8 to 15 cm in diameter, and who are generally candidates for minimally invasive procedures. These conditions are also subject to the doctors discretion and analysis of the herniated region on a patient.

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