A hernia is the result of a tear in the abdominal wall which allows the inner lining to push through the weak area and cause a sac-like bulge. Sometimes portions of intestine or tissue fill the sac which causes pain and potentially leads to more problems. A hernia may have been present at birth, or it may be the result of injury, physical strain, aging, or an operational incision.

Most commonly, a hernia appears in the abdomen or groin regions but occasionally can appear in an area where there was a previous incision from an operation.

Symptoms of a hernia include consistent pain when you cough, lift heavy objects, bend down, use the restroom, or sit or stand in one place for a long period of time.

Surgery is the only way to rectify a hernia, since it does not heal on its own. most hernia surgeries can be performed laparoscopically with minimal invasiveness. The recovery time from a hernia repair Gulf View General surgery conducts is usually 3 days to a week, and in rare cases longer than that. Because of Dr. Perez-Soto’s surgical accuracy, she can perform the surgery so that the patient recovers with minimal pain and can return to normal activities quickly. We understand that a hernia has already been an invasion to your daily lifestyle and physical comfort, that’s why Dr. Perez-Soto will work with you to restore your life to wholeness.

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