The Heart and Passion of a Dedicated Surgeon - Dr. Perez-Soto

Combine the loving heart of a mother and the strong, Puerto Rican heritage you get a powerfully compassionate doctor who makes patient care a critical emphasis. Hard work is no object to Dr. Perez-Soto. Rather, hard work fuels her with energy and passion to make change possible for her patients. She has yet to meet a challenge that she did not overcome.

This Spanish speaking board certified general surgeon gracefully manages to care for her medical practice and her family simultaneously. Dr. Perez-Soto has deep family values which underpin her work ethic. She understands the fears and struggles her patients endure and treats each patient with the same concern she would offer her own aunt or cousin. It is her mission to work tirelessly to see her patients' recover vitality.

From Science Enthusiastto Medical Student

Since Dr. Perez-Soto was young, she channeled her love for science into something that could make a difference - medicine.

I've always been interested in how the human body works, but I'm a practical person

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge does not interest Dr. Perez-Soto.

I don't want to know the facts; I want to use them to solve a problem.

During her hospital rotations, at the University of Puerto Rico, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Perez Soto wrestled over which field to commit to. During each rotation she felt a continual growing dissatisfaction. It was more of a burden than anything to see the suffering of patients and not be able to give an immediate solution.

She felt like she needed to do something immediate for her patients, but how could she help them?

Discovering Her Medical Direction

This question pervaded Dr. Perez-Soto's thoughts and emotions until one fateful day when she discovered her medical direction. When she began surgical rotations her clinical instructor, Dr. Pablo Rodriguez spoke about a surgeon's ability to transform a life through the art and power of one operation. Surgery makes a critical impact on a patient's quality of life. It offers them a new start that nothing else can.

Dr. Pablo Rodriguez rapidly became Dr. Perez-Soto's inspiration. He did more than inspire her with his words. Dr. Perez-Soto watched her mentor kindly and humbly perform his work with a level of excellence and finesse that was unmatched. She knew that she wanted to be like him.

She wanted to help change lives by offering the gift of surgery to those who had no other options.

Surgery is practical, straight-forward, and progressive. The minutes and hours worked in surgery can transform days, years and a lifetime to follow. Thus, commenced Dr. Perez-Soto's surgical journey. With admiration she follows in the lofty footsteps of her mentor and friend. To this day, Dr. Perez-Soto performs upwards of 40 surgeries a week still aspiring to make Dr. Pablo Rodriguez proud.

For more than ten years Dr. Perez-Soto has performed cutting edge surgeries ranging from appendectomy and hernia repair to aesthetic treatments with natural results. She faithfully worked long days and hours in hospitals both in Arizona and now here in Naples, Florida until she reached her dream - to open her very own medical practice.

Gulf View General Surgery combines what Dr. Perez-Soto loves most --performing life improving surgeries--with the type of care she values--personalized and friendly. Before walking in the doors of her office, her patients don't know her; it's a big risk for them to let a complete stranger cut them open. But Dr. Perez-Soto won't stay a stranger for long. It is her goal to ease the fears and questions of her patients by spending the time with them to make them feel comfortable and valued. She helps to educate them about their health so that they are empowered to make educated health decisions.

The Best of Both Worlds

When asked what she is most proud of, outside of her beautiful children Henry, age 4, and Luke, 20 months, she is super proud of being able to deliver utmost medical care without a hindrance. Her independent medical practice allows her to be herself with her patients - no restrictions. She can make the decisions she deems best and that is truly a privilege she appreciates.Her propitious practice,Gulf View General Surgery, is a direct result of the enduring support her husband Robert gives her. His commitment to her success makes all her dreams possible.

Second to her family support, Dr. Perez-Soto believes the wealth of relationships from the prestigious physicians in Naples, FL is invaluable. Moving to the area has been a gift to the whole family. They love the beach, the relationships, the supporting community, and the warm camaraderie among Naples medical professionals. Dr. Perez-Soto feels honored to develop a quick rapport with this renowned medical community.

Each day, Dr. Perez-Soto will continue doing what she loves and coming home from successful workdays to watch Frozen for the 700th time with her babies. Life really could not be more meaningful.

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